Monday, July 25, 2011

It's been a while

Yeah, it's been a while. :) Sorry, can't update much! But here's what happened the past two weeks.

After my birthday, there was nothing much. Just hangin' around in our house with my pretty little cousin. We'd exchange conversations, laugh, most of the time I'd cuddle her. Can't help it, she's so cute even though she's such a spoiled brat. :)

See?That's how cute she is! Well, anyway, with her at home, she brought life to all of us! We were all excited to go home all the time. We went to a resort in Pansol called "Batis ng Makiling" where there was a hot spring. It felt so good to be soaked in a 40degree hot spring. It was hot that you would think you're burned but you're not. And it's so hot that your body would like to perspire but can't since you're underwater. A really weird but relaxing feeling. RELAX! Yes, I've been wanting to relax for a while. Take things easy. And with my cutie cousin and the hotspring, it's enjoyment and relaxation in one. :) There was also a cool pool in the resort so we also had the chance to practice our swimming skills. So, my cousin and I (with my boyfriend of course) and my aunt had some pictorial in the hot spring and the pool. 

So, they went home to Iloilo just last Saturday. The house is so serene and loud silence was everywhere. I miss my cousin. I hope to be with her again soon. 
This little cousin of mine has the same bloodline as me! Wonder why? Coz' her mother and my mother are sisters and her father and my father are brothers. :) Tricky isn't it? haha, but that's how it is. 

I miss her calling me Ate Jan which should have been Ate Joll. And she calls Mao as Tuya Mao which should have been Kuya Mao. So cute! Oh well, till next time my pretty little cutie! Imissyou! :)

That pretty much sums up everything that happened the past few weeks. Happy! :)

Monday, July 11, 2011


The 4th of July has passed. That day is very special for America since it is their Independence day. But this day is also special for me because it's my birthday! :) Yes, I was born on the 4th of July while the whole US were celebrating, having their bbq, swimming, watching the fireworks display. I think every year I celebrate my birthday with America. Or should I say every year, America is celebrating my birthday? haha, :)

So here's what went on my birthday. I had great time with college friends! And since my boyfriend is my college friend, he sure was there too! I had to celebrate it in 3 parts. First part was for my college friend, second part was still for my college friends and third part would be for my cousins. 

Wonder why there are 2 parts for my college friends? Because they are too busy with their lives. They cannot come by my house at the same time. Last Saturday which was the 2nd of July, my friends went to our house where they stayed overnight. It was really fun catching up with them. We had tons of stories to be told to each other, we had food of course and Tanduay Ice!haha, It was like I haven't seen them in decades! We exchanged stories, jokes and drama. When we felt dizzy, we just ran to bed and slept. The next morning, as soon as we woke up, we again started our stories. It was a night of pure chatting! The best! And last Monday, the day of my birthday, another batch of college friends went by and celebrated with me on my birthday! We had food, drinks, karaoke and of course, stories! We are now on out different careers. Others are working in call centers, others are still studying, others are just staying at home and others already have their own families. That is why we really can't find the time to be together like before. My celebration with them was really the best. I got to talk to them again and laugh with them. We may have parted ways but the friendship would live forever! :)

And for the last part of my celebration, it was held last Saturday! I invited my cousins over to my house for a simple party with yummy foods, which my mom cooked, and with our kulitan and chitchats! :) I was so excited to celebrate with them. Aside from my friends, my cousins are always there to be with me, to talk to me and to be makulit if I need someone to. So we ate, took pictures and exchanged stories. It was really really fun. They did not stay for too long because they had somewhere else to go. But for a short time, they made me very happy and my birthday very special.

For me, friends and relatives are the people who won't keep you hanging no matter what. They will always be there to support you and to be at your side, whether you like it, or not! :) ♥

So here are some of the captures moments for the 3 parts of my celebration.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

1st of July

Ok, I'm not quite sure why we celebrated the 1st day of this month but I guess we just wanna have fun after tiring night's work! And I hope this month will be full of blessings for both of us.
So this is how we spent it.

First, we went to Tapa King! :)

Then we headed to Greenbelt Park to breathe in fresh morning air! 

We had our dessert at The Coffee Bean! yum yum! :)

And this was what we had..

yum yum yum! tiramisu cake, Mocha Ice Blend and Double Chocolate Ice Blend! This is ♥

That was the summary of our "morning date"! Can't start my diet! We always go out to eat! NOOO! I think we are really hooked into eating. But atleast we are healthy! haha, ok! Ciao! :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

AnnidEarsary! ♥

June 29, 2011 ---> 2 years and 6 months!

Had a blast! We both slept for only 3 hours. Had to wake up early to be able to have a date. 
But of course every celebration has something new. And we have our new "Monkey Shirt"! It's kinda Bruno Mars' "Lazy Song" inspired.  Got it from, of course the store which sells the most artistic shirts, Artwork! :)
had to take a picture of our new shirt! :)
So we started the day (or afternoon) by having our late lunch at past 3PM. Why late lunch?Because we had to sleep. Why did we have to sleep? Because we had work last night and we have work tonight. How exciting is that? :) Then we first went to Glorietta 4 Cinemas to check on the showing time for Transformers. After buying tickets for the 5:05PM showing, we still had time to go quick to Landmark and grab a gift for my godson who is turning 1 the next day! I got him a shirt, but not an ordinary shirt! It's a Nickelodeon shirt with Spongebob print and it's GLOW IN THE DARK! Lovely! And it is inside that paper bag in the picture above. After buying the gift, we went back to the cinemas to be first in line (even though we had reserved seats), we were just making sure we get there in time. (palusot!excited lang talaga!) And ... THE MOVIE!

Transformers Dark of the Moon. A great movie! I loved it! It was like every scene is the climax. I laughed coz' they delivered funny punchlines. I cried on their heartfelt scenes. And I screamed a lot! Every time the autobots chase the decepticons and they start to exchange gun shots and all their fighting skills and new technologies, it was really thrilling! I was so amazed on how they made that film, the transformations from being a very beautiful luxurious car into a very strong and bulky metallic robot, it was really AMAZING! :) ♥

Well, enough of the movie. It was really a happy day. After seeing the movie, he then walked me to work(because my workplace is near Glorietta). Then, after a few minutes, he made his way to work too. That ends a day's journey. :)

I really had a blast! Happy AnnidEarsary! I love you! ♥ :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Dearday!

DEARDAY--this is not our Anniversary but we celebrate our Dearday every month too! February 16, 2008. This was the day when we started to have that "mutual understanding" as they call it. :) This was the day when the magic of love began! (korny!)
Ok. Our Dearday is also our Monster shirt day! We have the same shirt design which we bought from Artwork! :)
Oha! hahaha, sa bus yan!
Playing with shadows!

Also with the sun!

Minsan lang kasi kami maarawan! :)

Enjoying my favorite White Chocolate Mocha! ♥

He is lovin' his Mocha Latte ♥

And we want it SUGAR FREE!LOL

Well, we mostly spend our time chatting and catching up. (kahit araw araw kami nagkikita) It's really healthy to talk about anything under the sun to be able to know each other more and more. Everyday, we learn something new from each other. And of course, di mawawala ang kulitan moments! We're like children pag magkasama! :p
So, that was how we spent our Dearday this month. Wonderin' where we will be spending quality time next month. :)

Hello World! ♥

Hi there! I'm Frances, my friends call me Franz, others call me Ann and my family calls me Jolly. And this is my boyfriend, Mao. Friends call him Mark or Anthony but I call him mydear! ♥ 
As I start this blog, I'm not so sure if I could "take care" of this. :) I am not a blogger really but I love to stalk on nice blogs. Ssshhh! ;) I wanted to create this blog to keep a beautiful softcopy of adventures me and my boyfriend encounter everytime we are together. I wish I could make it as beautiful and memorable as it can be. 
Lemme give some random facts bout me and him.
*We are unpredictable--meaning we easily change minds and moods. sorry! :P
*We are sooo random--We like stuff that are pleasant in the eyes!(i think everybody does but we're exagg!)
*We are not so addicted to internet use--if we get to surf, we just check out our accounts and leave(but I will really try to work on this blog!promise!)
*We easily get bored and I hate waiting--random nga diba? :D
*I am kinda funny...sometimes!he is too! but I don't know, we always laugh when we're together :P

That's it for now! Just trying to learn more on blogging and I will try to make this journal a happy and exciting one!
Thanks.Bye! ♥