Friday, June 24, 2011

Hello World! ♥

Hi there! I'm Frances, my friends call me Franz, others call me Ann and my family calls me Jolly. And this is my boyfriend, Mao. Friends call him Mark or Anthony but I call him mydear! ♥ 
As I start this blog, I'm not so sure if I could "take care" of this. :) I am not a blogger really but I love to stalk on nice blogs. Ssshhh! ;) I wanted to create this blog to keep a beautiful softcopy of adventures me and my boyfriend encounter everytime we are together. I wish I could make it as beautiful and memorable as it can be. 
Lemme give some random facts bout me and him.
*We are unpredictable--meaning we easily change minds and moods. sorry! :P
*We are sooo random--We like stuff that are pleasant in the eyes!(i think everybody does but we're exagg!)
*We are not so addicted to internet use--if we get to surf, we just check out our accounts and leave(but I will really try to work on this blog!promise!)
*We easily get bored and I hate waiting--random nga diba? :D
*I am kinda funny...sometimes!he is too! but I don't know, we always laugh when we're together :P

That's it for now! Just trying to learn more on blogging and I will try to make this journal a happy and exciting one!
Thanks.Bye! ♥

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