Thursday, July 7, 2011

1st of July

Ok, I'm not quite sure why we celebrated the 1st day of this month but I guess we just wanna have fun after tiring night's work! And I hope this month will be full of blessings for both of us.
So this is how we spent it.

First, we went to Tapa King! :)

Then we headed to Greenbelt Park to breathe in fresh morning air! 

We had our dessert at The Coffee Bean! yum yum! :)

And this was what we had..

yum yum yum! tiramisu cake, Mocha Ice Blend and Double Chocolate Ice Blend! This is ♥

That was the summary of our "morning date"! Can't start my diet! We always go out to eat! NOOO! I think we are really hooked into eating. But atleast we are healthy! haha, ok! Ciao! :)

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